ENWAT Alumna Jennifer Niessner received international awards

April 15, 2011 / Gabriele Hartmann

ENWAT Alumna Jennifer Niessner was awarded for her exceptional achievements

ENWAT Alumna Dr.-Ing. Jennifer Niessner was awarded for her exceptional achievements: she received the junior research award from the society for industrial and applied mathematics as well as the Sigrid-and-Victor-Dulger-Award for her habilitation.

Dr. Jennifer Niessner (32, from Stuttgart) was awarded for her innovative contribution to the numerical modeling of flow and transport processes. With her simulation physical and chemical processes in a fuel cell can be projected. In addition she was honoured for a process developed in her habilitation to better describe processes such as subsurface CO 2 storage to reduce the greenhouse effect. For this she also received the Dulger-Award together with €5,000. Dr. Niessner worked at the university in the department of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems. In February 2011 she accepted a position with the research department at Bosch.

On Nov. 3 rd, Dr.-Ing. Jennifer Niessner gave her “ inaugural lecture(info)

Dr. Niessner finished her dissertation in 2006. She subsequently continued to work on her habilitation which was finished with the exam on June 28 th 2010.

Following Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Nowak (who became a Junior Professor in 2008), she is the second ENWAT-Alumni working in SIMTECH.



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